not your father’s slideshow …

I’ve been interested in creating short slideshow videos with still images as a means to display visual art in addition to hanging pictures on walls in homes or on public display in galleries, etc.,  or by creating and publishing photobooks.  And, I’ve experimented with creating some short slideshow videos.

I recently discovered some interesting slideshow videos created by Roberto Roseano aka Carnisc.  You can see them on his youtube channel.  In addition to being a mechanism for displaying visual art, I think the slideshow videos themselves are a work of art.

Now, I’m more inspired and motivated than ever to experiment with short slideshow videos.

Here are some samples of Carnisc’s slideshow videos.

Stop Motion


Light Blade



There are others on Carnisc’s youtube channel.

Shiloh – May 2011

Shiloh paid us a visit for a photoshoot.  Besides the fun times we had posing and doing suspensions, we had a kick shooting images for a video, which will be the subject of a future blog post.  ( I need to find time to edit and create the video.)

In the meantime, enjoy some of the images from our shoot.


(Click on the link to view these images on your full screen.)