Skye Greene in an early suspension

This shoot with Sky Geene was her first experience with ropes and shibari.  Here she is suspended in an inverted hog tie.  In a normal upright position, a hog tie is a classic shibari position.  Skye liked her experience and we created many beautiful images together in this and other shibari photoshoots.

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Skye Greene – June 2011

Skye Greene and I did a gold body paint shoot.  We wanted to create some gold statue type poses.  Skye was awesome.  She got right into the “role” and gracefully moved from one awesome pose to another.  What a pleasure it is to work with a professional.

We also did some relatively simple shibari rigging and suspensions that were no-where near as aggressive as some of the others Skye and I have done together.  But, I painted my ropes gold too, so Skye and the ropes together look like a statue.  The pictures look great.  I still have editing to do on them.  When I finish, I’ll include them both in a future post and in the following gallery.