Sabrina Sin Pin Ups 2012 Calendar and Fine Art Prints

Sabrina Sin and I have been working on a series of photoshoots inspired by the “Queen of Pinups”, world famous model, Bettie Page.  The first products from our photoshoot series are available now.  They are a “Sabrina Sin Pin Ups 2012” calendar, and photographic prints of the individual images in that calendar.  These prints are fine art quality photograph prints, suitable for framing. Continue reading

Promo for Sabrina Sin’s Fetish Friday, January 2011

My good friend, Sabrina Sin, asked me to rig her with some decorative rope for promotion pieces for her January 14, 2011 Fetish Friday event. Because these promotion pieces were going to be used on Fetlife and in print ads and promotional flyers, I needed to rig her with no nudity. I’ve been rigging rope skirts for some time, and knew models and others liked them. I copied a rope bra design originally created by my friend, Dallas Kink. The combination worked well.

The promo pictures were shot at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas by Chuca, a photographer, artist and graphics designer Sabrina works with frequently. I really enjoyed working with Chuca and Sabrina in a serious shoot designed to produce art that was going to be used for a specific commercial purpose. Typically my shoots are just for fun, both for my models and me.

Sabrina is beautiful and very easy to work with. The camera and those who work with her love her. It was the first time I had met Chuca.  I’m looking forward to doing more things with him too.

You can see more including some snap shots I took by clicking on this promotional image.