Motion/Multiple Images with Strobes

Jamie S and I captured these images in July 2011 using multiple flashes with my Vivitar 283 strobes.  I think we created some very nice and interesting images.

A print of this image will be displayed and offered for sale at the Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit during the Fotofest 2012 Biennial.

This video tutorial by RJ Hidson shows how he used a couple Nikon SB-800s and one SB-900 to capture multiple images.  This video tutorial and technique is featured on, in their January 23, 2012 blog post, [Tutorial] Shoot Motion/Multiple Images with Stroboscopic Flash

Skye Greene – June 2011

Skye Greene and I did a gold body paint shoot.  We wanted to create some gold statue type poses.  Skye was awesome.  She got right into the “role” and gracefully moved from one awesome pose to another.  What a pleasure it is to work with a professional.

We also did some relatively simple shibari rigging and suspensions that were no-where near as aggressive as some of the others Skye and I have done together.  But, I painted my ropes gold too, so Skye and the ropes together look like a statue.  The pictures look great.  I still have editing to do on them.  When I finish, I’ll include them both in a future post and in the following gallery.


Shiloh – May 2011

Shiloh paid us a visit for a photoshoot.  Besides the fun times we had posing and doing suspensions, we had a kick shooting images for a video, which will be the subject of a future blog post.  ( I need to find time to edit and create the video.)

In the meantime, enjoy some of the images from our shoot.


(Click on the link to view these images on your full screen.)

basic light placements for portraits …

Here is another video by Jay P. Morgan, where he describes basic light placements that have been developed over the years for portrait photography.   You can use these lighting techniques to help understand how beautiful images were created by other photographers, and in your own shoots.  These light placements can be used with hot studio lights or strobes. Enjoy.

Suspension Lighting Ideas from Jay P. Morgan …

When we light our suspension models, most of the time, it is not possible to position our lights as close to the model as shown in typical studio lighting BTS videos and tutorials. Here is a BTS video by Jay P. Morgan showing a commercial shoot where he lighted a suspended model.

Although this was not a shibari suspension, he had the same problems we do when we light a shibari suspension. And, while the lights he used are much more sophisticated (expensive) than the lights I, and probably most of us, use in our hobby, I was interested in where and how he built up his lighting setup for this shoot.

No expensive equipment …

Many people think it is necessary to spend thousands of dollars to buy expensive cameras and lighting equipment in order to produce nice work and have fun with this hobby. Not true!!!!   No expensive equipment is necessary.  You only need a little creativity.

I found these videos on the Fstoppers, and Chase Jarvis blogs.  I really like both of these blogs, and read them regularly.

Bert Stefanni shows how simple work lights and a plastic shower curtain liner can be used in place of expensive studio lights.  Here is the link to Bert Steffani’s youtube channel, where he has a lot of “how to” videos posted.  Be sure to check out his “Confessions of a Photographer” series.

Lee Morris (one of the co-founders of Fstoppers) shows it is possible to produce very nice pictures, even suitable for a fashion shoot, with a simple iphone camera.

Lee Morris of shoots a full fashion session with the iPhone 3gs. You can get more info at


Chase Jarvis inspired a large community of photographers to get involved and regularly take pictures with the camera they typically have with them.  He even published a book, and created an app for the iphone.


Promo for Sabrina Sin’s Fetish Friday, January 2011

My good friend, Sabrina Sin, asked me to rig her with some decorative rope for promotion pieces for her January 14, 2011 Fetish Friday event. Because these promotion pieces were going to be used on Fetlife and in print ads and promotional flyers, I needed to rig her with no nudity. I’ve been rigging rope skirts for some time, and knew models and others liked them. I copied a rope bra design originally created by my friend, Dallas Kink. The combination worked well.

The promo pictures were shot at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas by Chuca, a photographer, artist and graphics designer Sabrina works with frequently. I really enjoyed working with Chuca and Sabrina in a serious shoot designed to produce art that was going to be used for a specific commercial purpose. Typically my shoots are just for fun, both for my models and me.

Sabrina is beautiful and very easy to work with. The camera and those who work with her love her. It was the first time I had met Chuca.  I’m looking forward to doing more things with him too.

You can see more including some snap shots I took by clicking on this promotional image.