Motion/Multiple Images with Strobes

Jamie S and I captured these images in July 2011 using multiple flashes with my Vivitar 283 strobes.  I think we created some very nice and interesting images.

A print of this image will be displayed and offered for sale at the Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit during the Fotofest 2012 Biennial.

This video tutorial by RJ Hidson shows how he used a couple Nikon SB-800s and one SB-900 to capture multiple images.  This video tutorial and technique is featured on, in their January 23, 2012 blog post, [Tutorial] Shoot Motion/Multiple Images with Stroboscopic Flash

Sabrina Sin Pin Ups 2012 Calendar and Fine Art Prints

Sabrina Sin and I have been working on a series of photoshoots inspired by the “Queen of Pinups”, world famous model, Bettie Page.  The first products from our photoshoot series are available now.  They are a “Sabrina Sin Pin Ups 2012” calendar, and photographic prints of the individual images in that calendar.  These prints are fine art quality photograph prints, suitable for framing. Continue reading

Skye Greene – June 2011

Skye Greene and I did a gold body paint shoot.  We wanted to create some gold statue type poses.  Skye was awesome.  She got right into the “role” and gracefully moved from one awesome pose to another.  What a pleasure it is to work with a professional.

We also did some relatively simple shibari rigging and suspensions that were no-where near as aggressive as some of the others Skye and I have done together.  But, I painted my ropes gold too, so Skye and the ropes together look like a statue.  The pictures look great.  I still have editing to do on them.  When I finish, I’ll include them both in a future post and in the following gallery.


Shiloh – May 2011

Shiloh paid us a visit for a photoshoot.  Besides the fun times we had posing and doing suspensions, we had a kick shooting images for a video, which will be the subject of a future blog post.  ( I need to find time to edit and create the video.)

In the meantime, enjoy some of the images from our shoot.


(Click on the link to view these images on your full screen.)

basic light placements for portraits …

Here is another video by Jay P. Morgan, where he describes basic light placements that have been developed over the years for portrait photography.   You can use these lighting techniques to help understand how beautiful images were created by other photographers, and in your own shoots.  These light placements can be used with hot studio lights or strobes. Enjoy.

Suspension Lighting Ideas from Patrick Hall …

Patrick Hall, one of the co-founders of Fstoppers, wanted to produce non-typical images of wake boarders. To do that, he suspended wake boarders in a studio, threw water on them, and used a variety of lighting techniques to produce attractive and unusual images. While he did not have shibari suspensions, he faced the same kinds of lighting problems we face when trying to photograph our shibari suspended models in the studio.

Together with his co-founder, Lee Morris, they produced a video describing their goals, behind the scene activities of their photoshoots, and showing the resulting images. This is a long 12 minute video. The suspension lighting techniques begin around 4:22 into the video. The entire blog post on Fstoppers is here.

Fstoppers takes you behind the scenes with photographer Patrick Hall as he explains photographing wakeboardering behind a boat as well as a completely unique studio photoshoot. View the Full Article at

Features Patrick explaining the Ewa-Marine DSLR Housing: , shooting on an inner-tube, designing a studio shoot, and studio lighting. For more of Patrick Hall’s work goto

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